I Want to Kill Myself

Serious statement, or call for help?

"I want to kill myself" is a serious statement and should not be taken lightly by anyone who has heard this from someone struggling with depression.

There have been times when we've all felt like harming ourselves to "end" all our pain.

But is this really the only option? Do we really want to do what we may be telling ourselves to do? What should we do when we hear this troubling statement from a loved one, and what happens then?

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i want to kill myself
Suicide is no joke, and threats should always be taken seriously. In the case of your loved one saying these words, you should call 911 immediately.

Teenagers, although not always taken seriously, have very high suicide rates simply because no one listens to their cries for help.

Statements such as "I want to kill myself" or "I wish I was dead" seen on social media are warning signs, and the person must be contacted right away.

There have been many instances when these cries for help have been ignored and overlooked, leading to unfortunate circumstances.

I know it's difficult to determine whether or not one should be considered a legitimate danger to one's self or others, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Why do I feel like I want to kill myself? What should I do? How can I get help?

There are always going to be times in your life when you feel that the worst has finally come.

You feel like harming yourself because you believe that it's the only thing you can do...

...or threatening to do so is the only way to make others feel your pain and struggles.

It's perfectly normal to experience grief and sorrow when an unfortunate life event or issue comes about. People have different ways of coping with such struggles.

Wanting to kill yourself is a sign of depression. It means that you have yet to develop coping skills or feel that there is nothing else you can do to alleviate your sorrow.

In this case, you should call a suicide prevention hotline IMMEDIATELY or call 911. Allowing yourself to "vent" to a trusted individual will GREATLY decrease your emotional distress.

However, if you feel that there may be no one out there that you can talk to, there are always trained volunteers available 24/7 that can help you out. Call 1800-273-TALK for the National Suicide Prevention Line.

When I was a teenager, I've felt distraught so many times, to the point of self harm. Calling such suicide hotlines or even just speaking with my school counselor lifted up a great amount of distress.

It seemed awkward at first, speaking with someone about your most private problems. However, rest assure that they are trained to provide you with such therapeutic communication and privacy.

What happens when I tell a counselor or someone else that I want to kill myself?

Like I said, discussions with your counselor or therapist will always remain private under health privacy laws unless you are considered a danger to yourself, others, or are considered gravely disabled (unable to provide for yourself due to mental illness).

In such cases, the therapist/counselor or even peace officers may place you on a 5150 Hold, or a 72 hour legal hold.

What is a 5150?

People who are considered either a danger to self, others, or are gravely disabled due to mental illness are placed on a 5150 hold.

A 5150 hold is a 72 hour legal hold. During that hold, the person will be evaluated by his or her psychiatrist of his/her condition, mental health, and ability to maintain safety.

The person will also be evaluated whether or not the person requires further care beyond that hold, in which then after the patient is either placed on Voluntary status, 5250 (another hold for up to 14 days), or discharged to another facility/rehab/housing.

During a 5150 hold, the patient must be admitted in a psychiatric facility in which they are to receive treatment in the forms of counseling, group meetings, medication, and other treatment options provided by the facility.

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If you or someone you know have said "I want to kill myself" or are threatening to harm themselves or end their life, please do not hesitate to call 911 immediately. You or your loved one will then be escorted to emergency or admitted in a psychiatric facility to ensure your/his/her safety.
"Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties".

-Helen Keller

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