Depression Food:
What to eat when you feel depressed.

...So, feeling depressed, eh? Are you wondering if there’s such thing as depression food? Well… I guess I can tell you that YES there is such thing as food that will be sure to eliminate your blues (or at least cheer you up a bit anyway)! I’m not talking about binging and exactly pigging out on unhealthy junk food (although I must admit, that cheers ME up, haha). But, I’m talking about food that are actually healthy (or somewhat healthy) that will help boost your mood.

How many of you have resorted to eating a pint of ice cream when feeling sad?

How many of you pigged out on hamburgers with super-sized French fries and soda when feeling down?

No , no, no…These are not what we consider depression food!

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind, and a healthy mind leads to a healthy body, correct? Yes! For the majority of the population, eating healthy results in a well balanced metabolism and a more peaceful state of mind. But who eats healthy nowadays? You know you sneak in a little piece of chocolate now and then…That’s OK, as long as you try to balance it out with a little physical activity. Chocolate, as we will discuss later is good for the mind anyways =).

If you’ve checked out the Natural Remedies for Depression, you’ll notice that some of the foods that I will recommend will contain the vitamins and supplements discussed in that page. So it’s no wonder that these foods will certainly affect your mood!

So here are the list of foods that I recommend you include in your daily diet in order to improve your mood:

Holy Mackerel!
-Fish is considered one of the depression food choices because they are enriched with omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are not only conducive in promoting a healthy heart and a healthy blood flow in your body, but they also are known to boost moods!

OoolaLa Chocolate!
-DARK chocolate are one of the best food cures to my knowledge and experience, hehe. Not only do they act as antioxidants, eliminating your body of bad substances and promoting heart health (can lower your blood pressure!), they also make people FALL IN LOVE! Believe it or not, chocolate contains phenylethylamine, a hormone that is involved in that tingly feeling you may feel when you see your crush or significant other. According to researchers, sneaking in a little dark chocolate into your diet now and then will indeed brighten up your day! Now isn’t this an awesome depression food choice?

What’s your favorite cereal?
-A healthy breakfast will sure jump start your day! First of all, make sure to eat breakfast as it gives you energy throughout the day. Breakfast is indeed, the most important part of the day! Now choosing grain-based cereals will further improve your mood! Grain-based cereals are rich in complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates are known to aid in the production of serotonin, a chemical substance in your brain responsible for feelings of happiness. Go to Chemical Imbalance to learn more about serotonin. Some antidepressants such as SSRIs work to increase serotonin levels. Why take medicine when eating a proper diet works for you? 

”B” happy!
-As discussed in the Natural Remedies for Depression, B vitamins, especially Vitamin B12 help to maintain a healthy central nervous system. It also helps to support brain function and mood stabilization. Low vitamin B levels are linked to depression due to lack of regulation in brain and central nervous system functions. Foods that contain vitamin B include fish, chicken, dark green and leafy vegetables, and eggs. Vitamin B12 will also boost your energy, which many depressed people lack!

So, as long as you try to include these type of foods in your diet, you should be able to notice some changes in your mood. Avoid foods containing high sugar content and excess amounts of caffeine as it lead to hyperactivity and insomnia, affecting your ability to compose your emotions and ability to relax!

Were you surprised by some of these depression food choices? Aren’t you glad to know that eating the right things will help you feel better? There are plenty of ways to cheer up, and food choices are just one of the things you can change and implement on towards bettering your mood! So keep searching for and learning more ways to battle your depression, because with the right mind and perseverance, you CAN beat depression! 

Happy Eating!

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